Why is Real-Time Tracking Paramount to Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

Why is Real-Time Tracking Paramount to Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

In today’s era of online purchase and on-demand delivery the success of a delivery business hinges on customer satisfaction and that matters even more than price. Customers prefer online delivery and brand preference is largely based on convenience and speed of delivery. Hence, it is essential for delivery businesses to keep their eyes open for delivery system improvements that will keep customers satisfied and coming back for repeat orders.

Real-time tracking is one of the cardinal features to implement in your delivery system. Let’s take a look at how real-time tracking enhances customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced by Delivery Businesses Without Real-Time Tracking

Studies show that 63% of customers track their product delivery after order placement. Without real-time tracking, businesses cannot track the current location of delivery partners and neither can customers who are expecting deliveries. This can be a major source of customer dissatisfaction that can cause them to switch to a competitor’s service.

This can also contribute to unavailability of customers at the time of delivery.  Repeat delivery attempts are necessary and if these fails, the product returns to the warehouse and the customer is left dissatisfied. The customer has no other choice but to place a new order and such an experience is likely to create dissatisfaction with your brand.

The Convenience of Using Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking overcomes these challenges and is particularly important in light of high customer expectations. It provides up-to-the-minute tracking information to you and your customers. With this information customers can see the status of their make themselves available at the expected delivery time. This eliminates missed deliveries and repeated delivery attempts. When you have a system that provides real-time tracking as well as functionality that allows customers to set a date and time slot for delivery, this provides greater customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking also allows delivery businesses to increase efficiency by identifying any delays in order fulfillment so they can take corrective action. This might be another delivery partner in the vicinity or a delivery partner from a third-party fleet that your business works with. Real-time tracking improves accountability of delivery partners and improves rates of on-time deliveries.

A digital delivery management system with real-time tracking can be a game-changer. Real-time tracking with the latest technology is a requisite at every stage of delivery and it is especially important in the last mile of delivery for ensuring customer satisfaction which leads to repeat business and sustainability.  Along with real-time tracking, a delivery management system comes with other cutting-edge components that can give your delivery business a competitive edge.

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