Why Even Small Businesses Need Delivery Management Software

Why Even Small Businesses Need Delivery Management Software

Who doesn’t want to receive their product without the hassle of leaving home? This trend increases the popularity of on-demand delivery among customers. To meet such on-demand deliveries, businesses must upgrade their delivery system.

If you’re a small business who is seeking to fulfill greater volumes of orders for greater profits, you’ll face high demands with limited resources. However, a delivery management system can help even small businesses cater to all their customers and orders.

Here are the benefits of having a delivery management system for your delivery business:

Streamlined Delivery Process

A delivery management system that automates many tasks streamlines your delivery process with fewer steps. Fewer steps in the delivery journey can also minimize complexity and this is also cost and time effective. The latest delivery management systems can enhance visibility in your daily operations done by your delivery team. It can also provide better visibility to every party involved in the delivery journey – your business, the driver out for delivery and the customer. Visibility helps to streamline your delivery business and accelerate delivery so you can fulfill more orders faster.

Today’s customers expect updates and visibility throughout the delivery journey. Studies show that around 57% of customers never returned to a brand where they had a negative delivery experience. The right delivery system can help ensure a world-class customer experience for deliveries driving customer satisfaction and retention.

Go Paperless

Do away with the error-ridden paper, including paper-based PoD (Proof of Delivery).  Paper leads to delays as it takes time for the right paperwork to be received along with manual data entry. Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) is an ideal alternative as it is available instantly and eliminates manual effort. It also includes richer features like electronic signature, a brief delivery history of each order and it enhances visibility in the system

With ePoD the majority of complexities are reduced like customer query solving, invoice process and billing cycle. Everything can be automated and monitored, with much greater accuracy.

Delivery Route Optimization

Studies show that around 50% of the delivery delay is due to traffic congestion or issues on the route that hinder traffic. With a Delivery Management System, dynamic route optimization finds the best route for drivers eliminating delays.

Are you interested in utilizing a cost-effective delivery management system for your business?  IGotIt is a cutting-edge delivery management system with top-notch delivery features to make your delivery process smooth, swift and hassle-free. IGotIt comes to you with features like ePoD with geotags and time stamps, real-time delivery tracking and no integration worries thanks to easy integration with API.  Get in touch to know more about how you can ace the delivery game with IGotIt.

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