Top 5 Tips to Manage the Challenges Facing Supply Chain Businesses During COVID-19

Top 5 Tips to Manage the Challenges Facing Supply Chain Businesses During COVID-19

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses worldwide are facing the risk of economical loss. Logistics and supply chain businesses are facing the brunt of the major disruption during this pandemic.

In the wake of corona and subsequent factory closures, retailers are struggling to provide an appropriate response to their customers and employees. At the same time, supply chain businesses have to manage inventory to accommodate the product loss and to meet the demand.

Isolations, quarantines, and curfews created a spike in panic buying via online orders.  For supply chain businesses, the increase in demand for household essentials will be a struggle with depleted inventories as well as health and safety considerations for their employees and customers.

Here are 5 tips that will help your supply chain, logistics or delivery-related business cope during COVID-19:

Contactless and Doorstep Delivery via Digital Systems

One of the innovative solutions to mitigate exposure to the virus is contactless delivery and the option of doorstep delivery. This avoids any direct physical contact and protects both delivery partners and customers. It also helps supply chain and logistics businesses keep running during this crisis. Digital delivery management systems are a crucial piece of this solution as they help place and track orders so all stakeholders are informed of the order status. Digital systems help stakeholders stay connected and minimizing exposure through contactless delivery helps flatten the curve to contain the spread of the virus.

Ensure Sanitation

The safety and health of your employees and customers is your highest priority in this during this pandemic. Invest in protective masks and other safety items to implement safety measures that will keep your employees safe from risks. Ensure that safety protocols are followed by everyone. This will also protect your customers. Communicate digitally to avoid any direct interactions. Ensure all the devices carried by your delivery partners and the delivery truck are sanitized regularly. Enforce high sanitation standards to the delivery partners like wearing masks, sanitizing their hands and the vehicles often.

Work with Third Party Delivery Fleets

With the surge in internet usage and online during this quarantine, the demand for delivery is also spiking. Delivery-based businesses must have adequate resources to meet the demand. You can incorporate third-party delivery fleets, as a temporary measure. Having alternative delivery partners will keep your supply chain business running, during this crisis.

Pick third-party fleets based on location, especially locations that have high demand and orders at the moment. Select fleets based on the location of high demand. With third-party delivery fleets, you can assure successful delivery of supplies and products when your delivery employees might be unavailable during this pandemic.

Diversify Your Supply Chain

With the global economy being affected by COVID-19 due to lockdowns and quarantine, many supply chain businesses are facing challenges. To mitigate the consequences of this disruption, diversify your supply chain to work with multiple suppliers at different locations. By doing this, you can ensure that you have sources for supplies even if one source of supply is affected. Establishing second and third sources of supplies is a smart move to mitigate the impact of this pandemic on your delivery business.

Visibility Across the Supply Chain

In light of corona, almost every business is experiencing a crisis. To minimize the impact of the virus on your supply chain business, your delivery system needs visibility. Visibility spans internal employees, stakeholders, delivery partners and customers. Such visibility will allow you to immediately identify any blocks in your supply chain so you can take alternative action to work around the obstacle. Without such visibility many supply chain businesses will struggle with no clear idea of where the holdups and supply restrictions are occurring.

Withstand this unprecedented situation with safety protocols and a digital delivery management system. IGotIt provides a best-in-class delivery management system with features like dynamic route optimization, real-time tracking and electronic Proof of Delivery and more that will be of service to you during this outbreak. Please get in touch to know more.

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