Top 3 Tips for Success in The Retail Delivery Business

Top 3 Tips for Success in The Retail Delivery Business

Retail businesses must have best-in-class delivery service to stand out from their competition. Every company from Amazon to Walmart to any mid-size business fortifies their business based on the strength of their delivery services. It is clear that delivery service is the decision point for customers to choose a brand. Because 60% shoppers choose to shop with Amazon due to speed of delivery.  Hence, it is imperative for retail businesses to meet customer demands. Statistics show that over 50% of retailers aren’t offering the expected delivery services.  

Inculcate these tips to strengthen your last mile delivery. 

 1. Set clear expectations & match them 

Setting clear delivery expectations is the appropriate way to ensure a positive customer experience. This way, customers will not have expectations that the company cannot match, which leads to customer disappointment. Customer opinions and reviews are mostly based on their delivery experiences so research and set clear expectations 

For example, with regard to delivery tracking – set an accurate expectation for delivery time and visibility. This will avoid disappointment in case deliveries are late, as customers get notifications in case of a delayAs surveys show that 80% of customers use delivery tracking, it is essential to provide transparent tracking and accurate delivery time frame notifications.  

2. Build customer loyalty

Be it an e-commerce store or a brick-and-mortar retail store, develop a better delivery system to build customer loyalty. 75% of customers are ready to pay or purchase more to get “Free Delivery Option”. So convenience and delivery service are valued the most by customers. 

It is highly advantageous for retail shop owners to gain customer engagement and loyalty. A satisfying delivery service will retain existing customers and entice new ones 

3. Use innovative technology 

Implementing the latest technology in the supply chain business will help the retailers to keep pace with the competitors. It aids in optimizing and streamlining delivery processes at every mile of delivery. Especially as the last-mile of delivery as it creates a great impact on customers, working on this will result in customer retention. Also assess customer expectations – do they want free delivery or faster delivery? What difficulties did they face in their previous orders? What challenges prevent you from matching customer expectations? What technological advancements can improve your delivery system 

Are you looking for a better delivery management system? The right technology can play a big role in keeping customers satisfied with world-class delivery. IGotIt is cutting-edge delivery management system with best-in-class features like instant rich electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) with electronic signature, customer remarks records and dynamic route mapping that are suitable for your business. IGotIt can easily integrate with your existing systems through convenient APIs. Get in touch to book a free demo and learn more about how IGotIt can serve your requirements

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