Top 3 Fundamentals to Ace On-Demand Delivery

Top 3 Fundamentals to Ace On-Demand Delivery

On-demand delivery, same-day and even same-hour delivery are slowly becoming the norm instead of being considered luxury demands. With technological advancements, the trends of the delivery business have changed customer expectations. On-demand delivery is becoming a common service that every individual will expect, but the competition for the delivery business is high. Delivery businesses must capitalize on this opportunity, as 70% of customers are ready to pay more for faster delivery and 60% of customers seek on-demand delivery.

Delivery-based organizations should evolve and adapt to the latest trends to provide a better delivery experience and meet the on-demand expectations of the customers. Last-mile delivery is a vital key for you to gain brand loyalty. Research reveals that 55% of customers say that same-hour or same-day delivery will increase their brand loyalty. Despite the importance of brand loyalty, only 19% of organizations are offering faster deliveries. Thus, there is a huge opportunity in this competitive space for your delivery business to win the delivery race.

Here are the top 3 fundamentals for your delivery business to thrive and stay ahead of competitors.

1. Implement Real-Time Tracking

Visibility is the core of any delivery business, but many delivery businesses lack enhanced visibility in their business. Visibility at every leg of the delivery process is crucial, especially during the last mile of your delivery journey. Real-time tracking of your delivery activities and delivery partners can improve visibility in your business and will provide various insights such as the current driver’s location. The tracking of driver details will improve visibility and help in faster product delivery. Keeping continuous tab on delivery staff with real-time tracking can help you know about their order completion and to set the route for next orders. Completion of delivery processes and faster delivery is thus assured. Leverage a delivery management system with real-time tracking feature to ace your on-demand delivery.

2. Switch to Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery(ePoD) is one of the best technological advancements that makes your delivery process easy. It improves operations on and off of the field. The ePoD facilitates paperless data processing and accelerates invoice processing. Ultimately you can save time and cost, improve accuracy, and efficiency throughout the whole delivery process. Implement a delivery management system that brings the robust features of ePoD to your delivery business.

3. Enable Delivery Route Optimization

Did you know that one of the major reasons for delivery delays is due to lack of route optimization? Yes, this can be the main reason. Studies shows that 53% of delivery delays are due to improper route planning. With delivery route optimization your delivery partners will get information about traffic-jammed routes and alternate routes that could be faster. With that information, your delivery partner can avoid most of the traffic congestions and the result can be improved delivery experience, faster delivery, minimal delays and save time and cost. Such route optimization is easily achieved with a digital delivery management system.

A digital delivery management system can be a game-changer, and streamline your overall delivery process. Are you interested in thriving in the on-demand delivery world? IGotIt provides a delivery management system with cutting-edge features like dynamic route mapping and instant, electronic Proof of Delivery. It also provides other superlative features like visual and audio proof, customer remarks records and push notifications that drive world-class customer experience. Please get in touch to know more about how IGotIt can help you ace the delivery game.

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