Tips for On-Demand Delivery Start-Ups

The on-demand economy is gaining prevalence among consumers everywhere across the world.  Customers have reached the point that same-day delivery is their top choice. So, it is essential for delivery businesses to match customer expectations.

Are you planning to start a delivery management business? The secret tactic to success is unification – a consolidated view of data regarding your customers and delivery partners across the supply chain. This unified visibility accelerates all stages of delivery and helps cater to on-demand, satisfying existing customers and winning over new ones. After all, the ultimate business goal should be a customer-centric business that succeeds due to satisfied customers.

On-demand is a billion-dollar industry and growing every year, so that’s a massive revenue opportunity for any business in the delivery game. As 58% of retailers are providing on-demand service and around 60% of customers are happy and willing to spend more for on-demand delivery. Also 49% of on-demand customers are millennials. This is a key data point for you to set your target audience.

Follow these tips to have a successful on-demand delivery business:

Ease of use

Complexity leads to delay, and delay is the enemy of on-demand delivery. Make sure your delivery management system is simple to use and provides functionality to cater to on-demand orders swiftly. Many delivery business these days involve third-party fleets and delivery partners. So user-friendly applications that provide transparency across all levels will make delivery partners’ jobs easy and confusion-free.

Enhance visibility in your system

Visibility across the system will help the involved stakeholders understand their jobs and responsibilities. It is one of the vitals to take care of customer and on-demand orders and requirements. Customers will expect visibility like tracking their orders. Implement an application that has enhanced visibility for your internal workers and also customers.

Provide faster delivery services

E-commerce businesses live or die by their delivery services. If your organization has a poor delivery system then that will affect the reputation of your organization. The expectation of customers keeps changing and as per reviews, it is revealed that 70% pay extra money for same-hour or same-day delivery and they more likely give positive reviews for good delivery services enhancing your company’s reputation and ability to win over new customers.

It is also crucial to keep track of every activity across each leg of your delivery process to reduce confusion and accelerate delivery. If you’re looking for a delivery management system that provides comprehensive, clear visibility and enables better tracking and management, IGotIt’s state-of-the-art delivery management system can help you.

IGotIt is a cutting-edge delivery management system with top-notch delivery features to make your delivery process smooth, swift and hassle-free. What’s neat about IGotIt is that it can plug n play with our existing systems through convenient APIs. Instant, rich ePoD (electronic Proof of Delivery) provides clarity on delivery status and can capture various media comments and records, chronicling the entire journey of delivery. Get in touch to know more about how we can help you ace the delivery game.

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