Rein in Delivery Costs by Digitizing the Delivery Process

In today’s era of disruptive technology innovations, there is constant pressure for organizations to bring down delivery time and associated costs. With the supply chain becoming more sophisticated, the focus is on raising the standard of delivery efficiency, while keeping a watch on the escalating costs.

According to a CSCMP’s State of Logistics report, the costs of shipping goods and services, and fuel prices are expected to rise over the next few years, leading to higher supply chain costs and delivery costs for enterprises across the US. It is therefore imperative for organizations to improve delivery efficiency and control delivery costs.

The Current Delivery Situation

Delivery is one the key areas of assessment when it comes to rating the customer satisfaction index. Today’s customer is more demanding and hence the need for proactive deliveries, which includes optimizing activities such as loading time, driver time, warehousing space, fuel costs, and transportation costs. To control delivery costs in such a demanding scenario requires robust solutions that can offer real-time data on daily operations and scheduling. Many leading online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba have invested in disruptive delivery solutions that can handle large volumes and a large customer base.

As digitization becomes the norm of the day, it becomes critical to embrace innovative technologies that help manufacturers, retailers and other industries to remain profitable and control their delivery costs. Cutting-edge delivery solutions can help industrial manufacturers realize rapid revenue growth and bottom-line savings.

Data-driven Analytics and Insights

Despite having large legacy systems to collect delivery data, the lack of real-time data on delivery, returns, and associated processes can cripple companies from staying within budgets. Timely shop floor updates may not be converted to real-time intelligence, which causes a disconnect between manufacturers and marketers.

New age technology innovations can help build the required intelligence into your delivery process, providing the necessary insights that the leadership currently lacks. Data derived from real-time solutions can help drive delivery operations, while ensuring that there is enough visibility into the current logistics pipeline. Enabling the managers, truck drivers and end customers to receive the right data at the right time can lead to being more consistent in production and delivery schedules.

Since driver and fuel costs also have a large impact on the bottom line, organizations need timely proof of delivery (PoD) and vehicle tracking features to ensure safety, compliance, and greater control across the supply chain. The complete pipeline visibility and real-time measurability can aid organizations in keeping delivery costs under control.

Using the Right Digital Innovation to Control Delivery Costs

IGotIt is a leading delivery management system that leverages your process data – from dispatch to delivery – to glean more meaningful and actionable insights.  Right from the manufacturer to the transporter, including the subcontracting agencies, IGotIt helps streamline your delivery operations for greater efficiency and revenue. Offering the right business process insights, IGotIt helps you make timely and cost-effective deliveries that deliver a truly wow experience.

The IGotIt advantage lies in instant notifications, drill-down reports, fleet optimization, safety optimization, and real-time traffic intelligence. Want to explore all the features of the IGotIt delivery solution? To learn more, please contact us.

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