The iGotIt Advantage

What makes IGOTIT WOW?

Rev Up Operational Efficiency


The dispatch-to-delivery journey can be fraught with various inefficiencies – delayed loading, prolonged waiting periods, missed deliveries and so on, that drag out the entire process. That adds up to lost time and money and, worse, forces truckers to drive dangerously to make the deadline. However, with just a smartphone and IGotIt’s powerful, paperless, and easy-to-use solution, you can surmount all these challenges. You can eliminate delays and fraud by optimizing deliveries and providing dynamic route selections. You can re-route with ease and cater to on-demand requirements when the need arises. Our product’s end-to-end visibility removes obstacles in communication and helps keep all parties – customers, drivers and senders – updated with real-time information.

Deliver WOW Customer Experience

Deliver a world-class customer experience. Offer customized and automated communications to customers. Eliminate missed delivery opportunities using automated SMS and real-time information that tracks deliveries and provides instant visibility, so customers can make themselves available accordingly. All this with a simple glance at a smartphone with the IGotIt app! Moreover, by making it easy to collect customer feedback you give your customers a voice as well as help your business optimize deliveries. Delight your customers with an exceptional customer experience.


Boost Revenue Exponentially


How do you boost revenue exponentially? With operational enhancements that streamline and optimize deliveries, thereby keeping customers well-informed and drivers updated. Eliminating the waiting period saves millions of dollars, and enables drivers to make more safe and timely deliveries, improving your bottom-line revenue. IGotIt makes deliveries fraud-proof and eliminates financial losses that occur due to fraud at various stages of the dispatch-to-delivery journey.

Enjoy Instant Scalability

IGotIt understands that we live in a variable world. So it is built to handle increased demands when there is a sudden surge in orders. The holiday season is known to exponentially increase customer orders, and therefore, a steep increase in the number of deliveries. With the instant scalability of IGotIt, you don’t have to drop the ball during peak demand. Instead you can enjoy the ease of instant scalability without the need for further modifications. You just take care of business while IGotIt provides a solid backbone for efficient delivery with total control and visibility.


Instant PoD

Proof-of-Delivery (1)

Once a delivery is completed enjoy the ease of instant electronic Proof of Delivery (PoD). The window of delay where the PoD must be collected in order to prove the delivery was made in full is eliminated. The driver can simply close the cycle with the customer’s electronic signature. This expedites the invoicing and billing cycle which is otherwise typically delayed by paperwork hassles. Liberate yourself from the stress and expense of having to collect the PoD to conclude the process.

Glean Key Insights

IGotIt believes in doing the absolute best, and to this end our solution collects relevant data throughout the dispatch-to-delivery journey. From these mountains of data you can glean meaningful and actionable insights to improve and streamline your delivery operations for greater efficiency and revenue. These key insights are also invaluable to closing any gaps in the dispatch-to-delivery process. IGotIt helps you make the absolute best out of your delivery process, for all parties involved. With IGotIt, you can make world-class, secure, timely and cost-effective deliveries.