How to Tackle the Major Challenges in the Delivery Business

How to Tackle the Major Challenges in the Delivery Business

The delivery business is evolving due to technological advancements and ever-changing customer demands. Unpredictable issues can arise and even with the utmost care, unforeseen errors can occur. Many delivery businesses struggle to overcome challenges like inventory management and visibility across the delivery process. The answer to these challenges lies in technologically advanced delivery management systems. Choosing to upgrade to such a system can help your delivery business ahead of the competition and help mitigate typical delivery-related challenges. Here are some of the major challenges faced by delivery business and effective solutions to overcome them.

Typical Challenges Faced by Delivery Businesses:

1. Lack of Inventory & Order Management

Let us consider the food delivery business as an example. The food delivery business is one example of a delivery business that receives massive orders every day. Checking orders against available inventory is vital to process delivery without any blockades. Manually managing the inventory availability and bulk order delivery is risky and error-prone. Lack of inventory can delay orders or lead to cancelled orders which can cause customers to lose faith in the business and turn to another business for their next order. A digital delivery management system that provides updated information on the availability of inventory is a must to tackle this order-related issue.

2. Lack of Tracking

Without real-time data tracking, it is difficult for delivery businesses to track and monitor every step of their delivery process. Almost 60% of customers track their product delivery after order placement and customers remain clueless about their driver’s current location. Tracking is also crucial for the delivery business to be aware of the status of products at each phase of the delivery journey so they can take action when delays and problems occur.

3. Unavailability of Delivery Partners

Delivery partners are the last mile brand ambassadors of a delivery business. Challenges like unavailability of the delivery partner due to reasons like personal emergencies and weather adversities are common but unavailability of the delivery partners delay can disrupt the on-time delivery.

Solutions to These Challenges:

1. Accessible Information

Clear visibility with easily accessible information is a vital feature that many delivery businesses lack. Enhancing visibility and information accessibility for all stakeholders and customer helps mitigate or avoid most of the delivery-related blockades. With a digital delivery management system, you can improve information accessibility by providing all delivery-related information in a single dashboard.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Technological advancement like real-time tracking is requisite at every phase of the delivery process. A real-time tracking option should be available for all employees, stakeholders and customers as well. Tracking is significant to ensure timely delivery to customers and to calm customers by providing notifications about their product’s current location.

Knowing the whereabouts of your delivery partners can help you assign additional delivery orders and hence you can increase the order delivery rate. Implementing a digital delivery management system for your delivery business is the right option to get real-time tracking capabilities and corresponding benefits.

A digital delivery management system can be a game-changer for your delivery business. IGotIt comes to your rescue with a digital delivery management system that has features like rich electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD), recorded customer remarks, and comments for business betterment. Geotags and timestamps keep track of your delivery touchpoints, while electronic signature verifies that delivery is completed instantly. Dynamic route optimization helps figure out the ideal route to pick based on real-time conditions and helps expedite deliveries. Please get in touch to know more about how we can help you ace the delivery game.

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