How to Ace the Delivery Game with a Top-Notch Delivery Management System

In the age of online purchases and on-demand delivery customer expectations are high. Even a small delay in the delivery will return to adversely to your business. Around 38% of consumers who experience a negative delivery experience would never return to your brand.  

When you run a delivery service-based business understanding your customers’ preferences should be your foremost priority to make your business a success. In a world of ever-increasing expectations, companies either big or small must be able to focus on the delivery fleet to offer better services to their clients. Have you ever thought about what leads to delivery service that is not up to the markBased on our industry research and experience, we have documented a few reasons such as; 

Your customers don’t know their product’s arrival time. 

  • Your customers can’t track their products. 
  • You lack real-time visibility about the delivery status and journey.
  • Communication gap between you and your client. 
  • Communication with your delivery partners and agents is inadequate. 
  • Agents find it hard to reach the specific address of customers. 
  • Scheduling manually is time-consuming.  
  • No clear streamlining and workflow model. 
  • Delays at various legs of the delivery journey.  

Addressing and improving on these issues would result in an effectively working delivery service system that keeps customers satisfied. Customer satisfaction means repeat customers, which drives growth and success for your business. So it is critical to ensure the highest level of quality through customer-centric delivery.  

This leads us to the choice of delivery management system. The right delivery management system can be a game-changer. It will overcome the above issues and enhance your company’s delivery service, improving customer satisfaction.  

Taking the time to pick the right delivery management system will yield massive RoI and help you overcome challenges across all legs of the delivery journey. Many delivery businesses struggle with challenges in the last-mile of delivery and you can learn more about them in our blog Reduce Last Mile delivery management costs with delivery management solutions 

Let’s take a look at delivery management software features that will help you ace the delivery game.  

Automated delivery dispatch 

  • Real-time tracking and updates  
  • Dynamic Route optimization  
  • Timestamps and geo-tags 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Realtime fleet tracking  
  • Better communication and improved delivery and customer relationship  
  • Streamlined process and workflow  
  • Good order management system 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention 

A delivery management system is an imperative tool for any deliverybased business! Finding it hard to get the best delivery management for your business? IGotIt comes to your rescue with many more additional features like rich PoD, recorded customer remarks and comments for business betterment. Geotags and timestamps keep track of your delivery touchpoints, while electronic signature verifies that a delivery is completed instantly. Dynamic route mapping helps figure out the ideal route to pick based on real-time conditions and helps expedite deliveries.  

Do away with your vague delivery management with IGotIt’s cutting-edge delivery management platform. Get in touch with us and learn more about our offerings.


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