Food Delivery Industry Trends

Just a few clicks to get any food to your table. One of the top trending industries is the food delivery industry. The food delivery industry has seen around 20% growth in the last few years and the estimated profit of the industry is $ 220 billion by 2023 which is enormous! This provides a piece of clear information that consumers are more likely to use food delivery options.

When there is an increased demand in the industry then business owners need to break their necks to meet ever-changing customer demands. One of the main reasons why the industry is trending is because of factors like same day or same hour delivery and due to adoption of multi-fleet, curbside pickup, in-house fleets, robotic delivery from the warehouse and many more. The food delivery-based industries must be on track and incorporate the latest trending technologies to stay ahead of their competitors.

So, are you up to date on the latest trends that you should be following in the food delivery industry? Here are the top trends that you should incorporate to stay ahead of the game.

Track Delivery Data & Leverage Analytics

Data collection occurs in all industries! Why not in the food delivery industry? To pit one against the competitors in the ever-changing market you must leverage the power of analytics. You decided to analyze, but what data will you analyze? You must track every delivery phase and analyze critical metrics like customer behavior, fleet management and delivery time. This is where a lot of confusion can happen due to lack of visibility. A system that captures this data and analysis of such delivery tracking data will get a clear picture of the flow of your system, whether you’re satisfying customers.

To take the analyses a little deeper, incorporate big data into your analytics process. They will help to research and fetch details about various factors like customer purchase history, customer’s in-app behavior, customer’s liking, their source of arrival to your application and how they react about your app on social media by ratings and reviews.

Other analytics like what is the current trend of the market, availability of things in accordance with the current trend. On the basis of the delivery partner’s transit like road traffic, wait time of the delivery partner and also about the availability of external fleets for your business. With these details, you can create an efficient database to bang the market.

Cater to Millennials

Millennials are the higher priority audience of the food delivery industry, as they experience all-new technological advancements in the systems. When having a clear experience of the traditional method of food ordering system, the consumers will have a higher level of expectations. They know the drawbacks and advancement expectation that any other.

Revolving your business around the millennials would help you to catch a better picture of the customer expectation because they remain as the major customer base of the business.

Third-party and In-house Delivery

Restaurants are approaching different radicals like In-house and third-party delivery fleets. To meet increasingly complex delivery demands and to expand the delivery limits to reach a wide range of potential customers. To make it complex-free and to have full visibility, companies need delivery management software.

Delivery with Robots and Drones

Delivering in the shortest time period is the current trend and hard thing to satisfy from a business’s side such as AI technology took the process of delivery to the next level through robots and drones. The delivery through robots is done through artificial intelligence which could be a car or a robot that uses the GPS mapping system to navigate and deliver the order.

Drones are the fanciest ever way of delivering food to the customer. It may seem a bit costly when you use drones, but the truth is drones in the delivery system are more cost-efficient than employing human deliver partners. Drones are not going to get stuck in traffic and this enables swift delivery.

With the faster-growing pace of the food delivery industry, the challenge is for the business to meet the customer’s ever-changing demands. And there are manifold competitors to reach those expectations at ease. So, to be an active competitor you need to have the best delivery management system. If you’re exploring what delivery system to use, IGotIt can help you. It is a great system for any food delivery business as it helps to better manage every stage of delivery with features like rich electronic PoD, recorded customer remarks and comments for process improvements, geotags and time stamps keep track of your delivery touchpoints, while electronic signature verifies that a delivery is completed instantly. Get in touch to know more about how IGotIt can help you ace the delivery game.

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