5 Sustainable & Eco-friendly Last Mile Delivery Options

The rise of e-commerce has made last-mile delivery a significant part of supply chain, especially delivery fulfillment. As parcels are expected to be delivered on time or earlier, logistics and e-commerce companies face multiple challenges in getting the last mile delivery right. On the other hand, there is a rise in carbon emissions, necessitating delivery companies to ensure that the last mile delivery does not cause any harm to the environment.

The transportation system in the U.S. alone contributes to 28.9% of emissions, and hence hugely towards global warming. Trucks, vans, and lorries cover most of the transportation vehicles that contribute to high emissions on the road.

To reduce the global carbon footprint, delivery companies need a strategy that is focused on efficient and eco-friendly delivery operations. Let us look at five ways to make the last mile delivery efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

1. Optimize Delivery Routes

Optimizing delivery routes is one of the best ways to reduce travel time for drivers. This means drivers make more stops per run by traveling only fewer miles. Investing in smart route planning tools can help companies plan out optimal routes for everyday deliveries. Batching tools can also be used to club multiple orders going to the same area, even if orders were placed at different times.

2. Deliver From Local Stores

Inventory visibility and reliable integration between inventory data and order data can enable delivery companies to deliver products from local stores, if the item is available at a retail location. Also called the ‘hyper-local’ deliveries, this helps reduce the carbon footprint per order and eliminate the need to store shelf-life goods. This model can be leveraged in grocery and fashion stores to increase the overall revenue and bring down overhead costs, as well.

3. Use Sustainable Transportation

Drones, electric cars, and delivery bots come under this category. Since they do not depend on fuel to run, detrimental impact on the environment is largely reduced. These devices are battery operated and can be easily maneuvered to get orders to customers on-time. Metropolitan fleets also encourage delivery teams to use electric bikes for work. For clean and green transportation options, hybrid vehicles also come in handy.

4. Give Discounts for Choosing Eco-friendly Delivery Options

Retailers and logistics companies can choose to offer discounts to customers who choose eco-friendly delivery options. According to an Accenture Strategy report, “about 35% of online shoppers are happy to wait longer for free delivery”. This way, it’s a win-win situation for the customer and the delivery company. It helps dispatchers plan for a suitable delivery slot the next day, while the customer gets to pay less. Delivery management solutions help dispatchers communicate instantly (traffic notifications and alerts) with drivers during the delivery run.

5. Keep On-demand As Last Option

Companies that manage on-demand deliveries will not be able to contribute much to eco-friendly last-mile delivery. It’s because they have very less time to plan for route and delivery optimization. A good example of this is Uber Eats that needs to work on clubbing delivery batches to reduce the overall order cost and waiting time for the customer. So, keeping on-demand deliveries only for special cases can help.

Reducing the carbon footprint of delivery companies and simultaneously achieving higher operational efficiency can be made a reality with the implementation of the above points. Coupled with a robust delivery management app that can collect real-time data throughout the dispatch-to-delivery journey, retailers and logistics companies can get rich Proof of Delivery (PoD) data and actionable insights to streamline their delivery operations.

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