5 Key Features of Delivery Management Software


The various stages of the delivery journey can be fraught with various inefficiencies such as delayed loading, prolonged waiting periods, missed deliveries, and so on. In such a scenario, documenting delivery is a critical function to understand where processes can be improved, and products delivered on time. Moreover, today’s customers want visibility into the whole process. They want to know the time of delivery, who received the goods at the drop point, and in what condition it was delivered.

Irrespective of the industry – retail, logistics, F&B, warehouse or distribution – customers need end-to-end visibility, which requires real-time delivery details. This is where Proof of Delivery (POD) plays a crucial role.

What is POD?

POD (Proof of Delivery) is an acknowledgement to confirm that delivery has been completed. It enables tracking the progress of the delivery at each stage. It is focused on offering a better delivery experience for the customers, and helps identify issues before-hand. Paper-based POD is inefficient, whereas digital POD is instant and eliminates delays. Technologies for signature capture, barcode scanning, and GPS data are leveraged to provide digital POD details to customers. It is the latest, fastest-growing trend that delivery companies are implementing to make the process hassle-free. To track large inventories, deliver quality food at the right time, or send automated customer notifications and constant alerts on traffic and road blocks, a digital delivery management solution with electronic POD is the go-to solution for delivery companies.

Key Features

  1. Real-time Visibility – Delivery management software eliminates missed delivery opportunities using automated SMS. Real-time information is used to track deliveries and provide instant visibility, so customers can make themselves available. Timely tracking eliminates delivery disputes with customers, as well.
  2. Faster Order Processing – With delivery management software, companies can hasten the order-to-cash cycle. Delivery teams can capture electronic signature, and generate receipts and invoices that can be directly emailed to customers. It also supports the provision to perform same-day invoicing. Instant electronic POD when available on tablets and smartphones enables easy data capture, and expedites the billing cycle.
  3. Secure Transactions – Delivery management software leverages wireless communication with end-to-end encryption of all customer data and payment information. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with paper forms for truck drivers, and ensures secure money payments.
  4. Higher Operational Efficiency – GPS data fed to the delivery solution will ensure that customers know exactly where and when each delivery was made. This prevents late deliveries and records any potential problems with a shipment. It also facilitates faster time-to-delivery to boost revenue generation.
  5. Scalability – With scalable delivery management software, businesses can handle increased demands when there is a sudden surge in orders. During holiday season when there is an exponential increase in customer orders, and therefore, a steep increase in the number of deliveries, the software helps process all the transactions without any glitches.

Businesses that require a robust delivery management solution need to check for the above features in the solution they choose. An efficient system can offer a bird’s eye view of the overall delivery status across all locations, coupled with key metrics for the top management.

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