4 Ways Electronic Proof of Delivery Improves User Experience for Customers and Delivery Partners

4 Ways Electronic Proof of Delivery Improves User Experience for Customers and Delivery Partners

Delivery partners play a key role in making customer impressions. Only in the last mile of the delivery journey, does the customer have a face-to-face interaction with your brand. So this juncture is a great opportunity for you to improve customer satisfaction which can also lead to them recommending new customers.

At this stage of the delivery journey, do your delivery partners have tools that provide electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) functionality? Make no mistake, ePoD can drive sterling customer experience and loyalty.

Surprisingly many companies still struggle with paper-based PoD despite the advent of instant, electronic PoD. A delivery management system that provides such functionality is a worthwhile investment when you consider the benefits it provides.

Here’s how ePoD improves user experience for customers and delivery partners.

Eliminate tedious, error-prone paper-based PoD

Using software with electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) reduces manual work such as manually tracking every piece of information and paper-based proof of delivery. It also eliminates human resources and customer data entry with extra effort to resolve queries. Adopting ePoD also accelerates billing cycles improving cashflow so revenue comes in faster for confirmed deliveries.

Saves time and money

The advent of electronic proof of delivery reduces time and cost of processing proof of delivery, speeding up internal processes. It replaces manual paperwork with real-time data, this reduces the human resources involved. Reducing human resources will automatically reduce human-caused error, as well as time and money spent.

Real-time visibility

With the electronic proof of delivery, data is immediately available for both customers and internal employees of an organization. For delivery partners and employees, necessary information like signatures, notes, and information about the added value services to customers like packaging and more. Typically, customers are unable to get access to current information about the order. With ePoD this can be eradicated and will enhance better visibility. Because ePoD enables automated processes, it improves accuracy, visibility, and efficiency. With comprehensive visibility factor customers, delivery partners and internal users have eyes on information they need at any point in time. Features like instant alerts about every incident avoid confusion and additionally, customers are benefitted with the order tracking feature and notifications. This renders a better customer experience.

Faster dispute resolution

Documentation with ePoD becomes easy, less time-consuming and well-organized. Resolve your customer’s disputes faster with electronic records. This results in faster response to customer queries and instant visibility of delivery status creates greater customer satisfaction.

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