3 Ways Delivery Management Software Can Increase Your Brand Loyalty

3 Ways Delivery Management Software Can Increase Your Brand Loyalty

In a business, steady revenue and growth depends on loyal customers. Branding and amazing customer service is the key to drive customers to your business. Sustainability is not only a result of the acquisition of new customers but also having repeat customers. So, what strategies will you employ to gain repeat customers, new ones and brand loyalty? Because 20% of your existing customer base is going to drive 80% of your business’s revenue.

For a delivery-based business, you will have to handle a lot of delivery processes such as inventory management, third-party fleet management, delivery optimization, customer service and many more. So, delivery management software will help to streamline your delivery system at every leg of your delivery process. A delivery management software that keeps customers happy ensures loyalty to your business. In light of this, you must have a delivery management system that can do the following:

1. Cater to On-Demand Shoppers

The on-demand economy is steadily growing. Thanks to Amazon prime, more and more shoppers expect same-day or next-day fulfillment of orders. Meeting this customer expectation will delight shoppers and build their loyalty to your brand. But to achieve this, you need a delivery system that expedites delivery across every stage of the supply-chain and ecosystem.

2. Enhance Visibility to Customers

Studies say that almost 80% of the customers in this on-demand market expect delivery on time and track the delivery in transit, once the order is placed. Instant real-time notification at every stage of delivery to customers will increase their trust and confidence in your brand. Visibility with proper notification helps to increase brand loyalty.

3. Real-time Delivery Tracking

A delivery system with tracking is a technological advancement that you must take advantage of to improve the quality of your delivery. When you can see any obstacles or issues that can delay a delivery, you can take action to get past the challenge and ensure the order is delivered on time. Or in the worst case, you can notify the customer of the unfortunate delay and provide a realistic time of delivery update.

By ensuring excellence across all miles of delivery, you can raise the standard of your delivery. When the last mile of the delivery is smooth, timely and hassle-free, it raises customer satisfaction. Implementing a delivery management system with the features mentioned in this blog can help you ace the delivery game and keep customers coming back for more.

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