3 Tactics for Robust On-Demand Delivery for Your Restaurant

One of the steadily growing and innovating businesses is the on-demand food delivery business. Hungry customers want their food fast, and this trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Such businesses can be successful as there is great demand for food delivery. But in a competitive space, you must get your food to customers fast to ensure repeat business. So aside from quality of the food, speed of delivery is of paramount importance.

In fact studies show that, speed of delivery is the ultimate key to gain customer satisfaction as 60% of customers seek on-demand delivery. The biggest challenge for restaurants to meet the ever-increasing need for speed in customer orders. The latest delivery technology can cater to faster deliveries to winning customers’ trust and ensuring repeat orders.

3 Tactics for On-Demand Delivery

 These tactics will give your restaurant a competitive edge when it comes to on-demand food delivery.

1. Allocate the appropriate resources

What good is your business if you cannot match customer demands? This is especially true for on-demand food delivery for restaurants. Hungry clients are less likely to be forgiving of late orders. So, success requires the proper planning and allocation of all operational resources. It includes technological support, space, and other staffing resources to meet customer expectations without any friction.

A technologically advanced delivery management system is a lifeline because automation of many processes enhances operational efficiency and visibility. This means you can fulfill orders faster which is critical for on-demand delivery.  With clear visibility, it is easy to predict or identify errors and rectify them before it causes a major impact on orders that have been placed.

Staffing is also critical to make a delivery system to work smoothly. Despite the power of automation, staff members are necessary to handle any exceptions that occur, taking corrective measures where necessary. These factors are significant as they create a huge impact on the overall working of the system.

2. Build a strong driver base

When you consider all miles of on-demand food delivery phases, the last mile of delivery is crucial. Your brand’s overall value is determined by customers based on their last-mile delivery experience. Delivery partners are the game heroes here as they deliver the order to the customer. It is typically the only face-to-face interaction the customer has with your brand.

Build a comprehensive delivery team and establish a professional code of conduct with appropriate attire and provide your drivers with all necessary types of equipment like delivery vehicles, licenses, structured plans, smartphones to make their tasks less complex. This expedites the last mile of delivery and creates a better impression on the customer. This in turn improves customer retention.

3. Involve third-party fleets

Do you know your incoming order rate? In this case, you can predict whether you can fulfill the order with your current delivery team. Utilize third-party fleets to meet peak demands when there is a surge. This way you can optimize the cost and efficiency of the system, and can also meet your customers’ on-demand delivery expectations with ease.

Have a third-party delivery fleet available on a contract basis for the on-demand geographical areas, so the delivery process is accelerated and cost-effective. With the latest delivery management software, managing in-house and third-party fleets is easy.

Are you looking for an efficient delivery management system? The latest delivery management systems can optimize every mile of delivery and easily cater to on-demand customers. IGotIt is a cutting-edge delivery management system with top-notch delivery features to make your delivery process smooth, swift and hassle-free. What’s neat about IGotIt is that it can plug n play with your existing systems through convenient APIs. Instant, rich ePoD (electronic Proof of Delivery) provides clarity on the delivery status and can capture various media comments and records, chronicling the entire journey of delivery. Get in touch to know more about how we can help you ace the delivery game.

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