Reduce delays in loading that impact departure time and safety as drivers sometimes drive rashly to make up for lost time.


Maintain total control with clear visibility and speed up transit time by optimizing routes with complex and dynamic route planning transit. 


Get detailed insights into your delivery, real-time, with rich PoD. Eliminate missed deliveries due to customer unavailability.


Trucking & Logistics

Detention time costs the US truckers a whopping amount estimated between $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion in income every year based on a recent study.

Reduce excess detention, improve safety, deliver on time and ensure compliance. Gain greater control throughout dispatch, transit, and delivery.


The on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending. Fast and on-demand delivery is now a norm.

Stay relevant in your industry by delivering faster and best-in-class customer experience while ensuring compliance.

Food & Beverage

44% of consumers are likely to order food for delivery more often if restaurants could offer them faster delivery times.

Reduce your delivery costs and time, offer an outstanding delivery experience for your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution center operations are becoming more complex and challenging while customer expectations always increase on the other side.

Ensure error free loading of vehicles and shipping, gain end-to-end real-time visibility of orders and deliveries with IGotIt.

Discrete Manufacturing

62% of the manufacturers surveyed are not capable of mitigating incomplete or late shipments. Visibility and harmonization of data are one of the biggest pain points.

Streamline entire delivery management and integrate them with your existing ERP systems and gain end-to-end visibility from dispatch to delivery.

Despatch/Delivery Countries
Total Tonnage of goods
Delivery vehicles


testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

We owe a large part of our success to IGotIt. Our managers benefited a lot from the online reports. We could regulate our truck movement based on the intelligence we procured from the IGotIt App. Delivery management has certainly become fuss-free with iGotIt!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

IGotIt has been instrumental in bringing our delivery costs down. It’s now easy to have a holistic view of the operations, and track them too! Thanks, IGotIt!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Aiden Zach
Marketing Manager

The holiday season is our peak season, and we handled it well this time, thanks to IGotIt! From truck management to warehousing status, iGotIt has got it all covered. I wish the implementation team the very best!

Make Delivery Management a Piece of Cake.